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Dio Synodinos

President of C4Media (InfoQ & QCon)
We've helped thousands of senior software engineers, software architects and tech leaders adopt the right patterns & practices for over 16 years.
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Top Sessions at QCon Plus

Top 5 best voted

Scaling GraphQL Adoption at Netflix

Speaker image - Tejas Shikhare
Tejas Shikhare

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Istio as a Platform for Running Microservices

Speaker image - Eitan Suez
Eitan Suez

Content Engineer @Tetrate, Previously a technical instructor @VMware and @Pivotal and Principal Consultant @ThoughtWorks

The Zen of Green Software: Finding Balance in the Sustainable Growth Journey

Speaker image - Lisa McNally
Lisa McNally

Head of Cleantech & Sustainability @Thoughtworks

Speaker image - Marco Valtas
Marco Valtas

Technical Lead for Cleantech and Sustainability @Thoughtworks

Top 5 most attended

Level-up on emerging trends

Get assurance you're adopting the right patterns and practices

  • Green Tech
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • eBPF
  • Machine Learning @ Edge
  • Scalable Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Unification
  • Cue Lang
Early Adopters
  • MLOps
  • Team Topologies
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Service Meshes
  • Microfrontends
  • Multicloud Practices
  • Software Ethics
  • Feature Engineering
  • Mode Inference/Prediction
  • Observability Practices
  • Server-Driven Frontend
  • Decarbonizing the Grid
  • Operator Pattern for Non-Clustered Resources
  • Patterns & Heuristics Enabling Fast Flow
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Java 17 (LTS)
  • Paved Road
Early Majority
  • DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Practice
  • Kubernetes Strategies
  • Observability / Telemetry
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Operating Microservices
  • Data Engineering
  • GraphQL
  • Go Techniques & Patterns
  • DevEx
  • Reactive
  • Performance
  • Macroservices
  • Serverless: Orchestration & Choreography
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Patterns for Scale
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Polyglot Software Practices

Learn the emerging trends

Curated trends our Program Committee believes have the most impact in software development.

Explore the use cases

Learn how real-world practitioners are applying the tech to help you solve common problems.

Implement the best practices

Get implementable ideas to shape your projects that last beyond the conference.

I love the variety of topics. It is my annual recap of the technology industry and helps me keep up with what the industry considers modern and state of the art. And mostly I like the fact that people are open about sharing both their successes and failures.

Nikhil Mohan

Senior MTS/ Engineering @Salesforce

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Speaker image - Randy Shoup
Randy Shoup

Consulting CTO (formerly @eBay, @Google, @Stitch Fix)

Speaker image - Sid Anand
Sid Anand

Chief Architect and Head of Engineering @ Datazoom

Staff+ Engineer Path

Speaker image - Fabiane Nardon
Fabiane Nardon

Data Scientist, Java Champion & CTO @tail_oficia

Rethinking Our Relationship with the Frontend

Speaker image - Benjamin Dunphy
Benjamin Dunphy

Founder @EventLoop and Organizer @Reactathon

Architecting for Change at Scale

Speaker image - Haley Tucker
Haley Tucker

Senior Software Engineer for Productivity Engineering @Netflix

Building Modern Backends

Speaker image - Todd Montgomery
Todd Montgomery

Ex-NASA Researcher and High Performance Distributed Systems Whisperer

Green Tech

Speaker image - Adrian Cockcroft
Adrian Cockcroft

Former VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture @Amazon

Modern APIs: Building and Evolving

Speaker image - Thomas Betts
Thomas Betts

Laureate Application Architect @Blackbaud

Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow

Speaker image - Courtney Kissler
Courtney Kissler

CTO @zulily

Speaker image - Wes Reisz
Wes Reisz

Technical Principal @thoughtworks & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previously Platform Architect @VMware

Operating Microservices: Patterns for Success

Speaker image - Wes Reisz
Wes Reisz

Technical Principal @thoughtworks & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previously Platform Architect @VMware

"Just" Engineering Culture

Speaker image - Michelle Brush
Michelle Brush

Engineering Manager SRE @Google

Practical Security

Speaker image - Julia Knecht
Julia Knecht

Manager, Security Platforms Engineering @Netflix

Languages of Infra: Beyond YAML

Speaker image - Carmen Andoh
Carmen Andoh

Hacker at @cue_lang, previously @google @golang @travisci

"Before & After": Hybrid Work Strategies

Speaker image - James Stanier
James Stanier

Director of Engineering @Shopify

Effective SRE

Speaker image - Casey Rosenthal
Casey Rosenthal

CEO, Co-Founder @verica_io


Speaker image - Hien Luu
Hien Luu

Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash



Learn from senior software engineers

Real-world technical talks from software leaders at early adopter companies

Domain leaders

Learn what's next from world-class leaders pushing the boundaries.

Relatable challenges

Learn how senior developers are solving the challenges you face.

Diverse perspectives

Get new ideas and perspectives across multiple domains.

Valuable lessons

Actionable insights from those working on real-world projects.

Time to connect

Intentional time built-in for you to connect with speakers and peers.

No hype

No hidden marketing. No sales pitches.

QCon Plus Track Hosts

Randy Shoup

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering and Chief Architect @eBay

Haley Tucker

Haley Tucker

Senior Software Engineer for Productivity Engineering @Netflix

Benjamin Dunphy

Benjamin Dunphy

Founder @EventLoop and Organizer @Reactathon

Thomas Betts

Thomas Betts

Senior Principal Software Architect @Blackbaud

James Stanier

James Stanier

Director of Engineering @Shopify

Wes Reisz

Wes Reisz

Technical Principal @thoughtworks & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previously Platform Architect @VMware

Hien Luu

Hien Luu

Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash

Michelle Brush

Michelle Brush

Engineering Manager SRE @Google

Julia Knecht

Julia Knecht

Manager, Security Platforms Engineering @Netflix

Fabiane Nardon

Fabiane Nardon

Data Scientist, Java Champion & CTO @tail_oficia

Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian Cockcroft

Former VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture @Amazon

Adrian Cockcroft

Casey Rosenthal

CEO, Co-Founder @verica_io

Adrian Cockcroft

Courtney Kissler

CTO @zulily

Adrian Cockcroft

Todd Montgomery

Ex-NASA Researcher and High Performance Distributed Systems Whisperer

Adrian Cockcroft

Carmen Andoh

Open Source Strategy, Programs and Ecosystem Development @Google

QCon provides an opportunity to obtain new ideas and approaches to developing software. I have and would continue recommending QCon to anyone interested in keeping up with the latest trends by learning from those who are defining those trends.

Jeff Hollar

Architect @Cisco

I love the QCon vibe. Everybody is down to earth and open to showing and talking about how they solve real-world complex problems. The speakers are top-notch and represent the state of the art in the industry. I like that there is no product/marketing aspect to the main tracks. I always leave QCon feeling refreshed, and eager to return to work and tackle something new!

Kerrie Clark

Architect @Capital One Finance

What has always stood out for me has been QCon's commitment to its brand promises. First of all, it's focused on practitioner content. QCon conferences are all about the people that develop and work with future technologies. This starts from the Programming Committee, which comprises practitioners that are authorities in their domain.

Wes Reisz

QCon Plus November 2022 Conference Chair, Co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, Technology Leader, Engineer, & Technical Adviser

Wes photo

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2. A mix of live and on-demand access

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'We Care' experience

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Strict code of conduct.

QCon follows a strict code of conduct to provide a safe and diverse learning space.

Diversity and Inclusion.

We actively recruit and support speakers and attendees from historically underrepresented groups for all our events.

Work around your schedule.

Plan your schedule around live sessions and those you can catch up on later.

Diversity scholarships.

QCon offers full diversity scholarships for attendees from underrepresented groups and collaborates with different initiatives.

Loved by senior software developers like you

See what peers say about #QConPlus

Too many incredible questions to ask & practices to try to improve #QConPlus.

Keynote at #qconplus was spectacular. I loved the slide format from the outset, was engaged by the memory challenges and learned so much.

What you know influences what you can process," rang true. Great advice about how to get better at reading code.

High-profile speakers. I feel like I can trust that the speakers will know their stuff. I also noticed the high percentage of women presenting which I found refreshing. Let's hope other conferences will follow this example.

#qcon has already provoked so much thought in me and I hope all the other attendees. Everyone aims to find quicker ways to deliver value to their consumers. What can we do to get there?

Great content on a variety of subjects practical to my daily work.

It is vendor-neutral, so it isn't slanted. Even the sponsored content didn't feel very salesy. That was nice.

The quality of the content is exceptional.

The speakers are highly knowledgeable about the subject they present and some topics are bleeding edge.

The format is cool (pre-recorded video, the speaker in the chat, time for live questions, etc), timings are OK (we have enough break time to have a life).

The diversity of speakers and attendees was much better than any previous in-person conference. Not sure if that was because it was virtual or the talk selection process or both. But, well done. It was easy to come in and out of talks. There was only a time or two that I switched, but it was easy to do.

QCon Plus is a fantastic event. It brought up the case and situations that we can live in our daily lives as site reliability engineers.

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