Dark Side of DevOps

Topics like “you build it, you run it” and “shifting testing/security/data governance left” are popular: moving things to the earlier stages of software development, empowering engineers, shifting control definitely sounds good.

Yet what is the cost? What does it mean for the developers that are involved?
The benefits for developers are clear: you get more control, you can address issues earlier in the development cycle, you shorten the feedback loop. However, your responsibilities are growing beyond your code  - now they include security, infrastructure and other things that have been “shifted left”. That’s especially important since the best practices in those areas are constantly evolving - the demand of the upkeep is high (and so is the cost!).

The topics covered in this talk:

  • the trade-offs that companies face during the process of shifting left
  • how to ease cognitive load for the developers without mandating a one-side-(doesn’t really)-fit-all solution
  • how to keep up with the evolving practices without putting even more load on engineers.

How far can you go with DevOps and Shifting Left? What can we do to break a grip of the dark side? Let’s find out!


Mykyta Protsenko

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Mykyta Protsenko is a senior software engineer at Netflix. He is passionate about all things scalable, from coding to deploying to monitoring.
You can find Mykyta speaking at a variety of conferences - OSCON, DevNexus, Devoxx (Ukraine, Belgium, United Kingdom), GeeCon and others.

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Thursday Dec 1 / 10:10AM PST ( 50 minutes )


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