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QCon Plus includes 1 keynote, 16 technical tracks each including Presentations followed by a live Q&A with the Speakers.  

We also created a few additional formats to ensure different types of engagement for the attendees and speakers:

  • Panels - panels are entirely live and blend expertise from multiple expert speakers at once with questions from attendees. These are designed as end caps for the entire track to summarize OR to pull in contrasting external views  
  • Unconference Sessions are an interactive way of peer problem solving that quickly produces valuable insights for the participants 
  • Hangouts With the Speakers are meeting rooms where you can continue the conversation after each session. Attendees can connect with their peers and with speakers during the breaks, just as they would do at an in-person conference
  • The QCon Plus Slack Community is a place to gather to build connections with other attendees, share ideas, and will provide you with a more effective learning experience

In addition, QCon Plus attendees also have access to Sponsored Case StudiesSponsored Labs, and exclusive sponsored content as ebooks, white papers, demos, and giveaways in the Sponsor Areas upon opt-in. 

QCon Plus allows you to work the event around your schedule:

  • Each day of talks features 3 core topics. Each topic has 3 live talks and 1-panel discussion.
  • To attend a single live topic will require 4 hours. To attend all the technical talks live, you will require 16 hours.
  • In addition to the live technical talks, the conference offers peer-sharing opportunities (Unconferences sessions, hangouts with the speaker to continue the conversation, and a dedicated Slack group). Some of these take place between talks or async.

Talks will be available on-demand so you'll be able to catch up on the sessions you missed. Viewing time for all the technical content is around 48 hours - all these sessions you will be able to watch at your own pace.  Video recordings will be available within days and will remain available for 3 months. 

Sponsored Labs, Hangout With the Speakers and Unconference Sessions will be kept live and video recording will not be made available. Therefore, we encourage you to attend these sessions the day they are scheduled.

You can easily register a group on this registration page

QCon Plus was designed as a website that serves as the main gateway to the conference experience from where all presentation and meeting links will be made available. ClickMeeting and Zoom will be used for QCon Plus. While no software download is necessary for ClickMeeting, attendees will need to download the latest version of Zoom to benefit of all the event features.

While we won't provide live closed captioning, this feature can be enabled in google chrome and will work for the presentations and panels happening in clickmeeting. Here is how to enable automatic closed captioning. The automatic closed captioning feature is also available in Zoom and attendees can enable or disable it by clicking the CC button.

QCon Plus attendees will get access to the keynote, talk and panel recordings.

Sponsored Case Study recordings (without Q&A) will be available upon opt-in.

Video recordings will be available within days and will remain available for 3 months.

Sponsored Labs, Hangout With the Speakers, and Unconference Sessions will be kept live and video recording will not be made available. Therefore, we encourage you to attend these sessions the day they are scheduled.

"Sponsored sessions & labs only" attendees will have access to Sponsored Case Study recordings (without Q&A) upon opt-in.

We are encouraging speakers to share their presentation slides to be able to make them available to QCon Plus attendees. If the speaker agreed to share their slides, they will be made available in the schedule and on the presentation page within days.

You can continue the conversation after each session by joining the Hangout with the Speaker in a zoom room. Attendees and speakers will be stopping by to chat. Please note that a zoom meeting room will open when joining. If you join the Hangout before the end of a presentation, we recommend you close the presentation page first, not to hear the audio of both sessions. Please join the meeting muted and unmute yourself to talk. Important: The latest version of zoom is required.

While it is possible to join the event on your phone or tablet, we highly recommend participants to join by desktop to have access to all the functionalities and for better user experience.

Attendees will be able to log in with no more than one device at a time.

We are constantly striving to improve our presentations. Please take a second and evaluate each session you attended when prompted to after each session. You can also vote and edit your vote for each session directly on the schedule page. Please note that your votes should only be in reference to the presentation content. You have the choice of voting:

  • Green (met or exceeded expectations)
  • Yellow (lacked fundamental expectations)
  • Red (failed to meet any of my expectations)

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If you need any support during the event, you can use the chatbot in the right corner of the QCon Plus website when available, or email us at and a staff member will be happy to help you.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Code of conduct

We expect all participants to follow our Code of Conduct to ensure that all QCon Plus participants can enjoy a safe and productive environment. Please review our code of conduct before the conference.