Harnessing Technology for Good — Transformation and Social Impact

Using real world examples, Lisa Gelobter will explore how we really can use technology to make the change we want to see in the world. From healthcare to education to workplace culture and from public sector to private, we will look at how to use the same best practices, innovative strategies, and a product development approach to affect societal and systemic level change. 


What's the focus of your work these days?

I am the CEO and founder of tEQuitable and we are using technology to make workplaces more equitable. Our mission is to help companies and organizations make work cultures that work for everyone. We are an employee-centered sounding board to address workplace interpersonal conflict, microaggressions, and micro-inequities. We also provide data to organizations to identify systemic issues within their culture.

What is the motivation behind your talk?

What I'd love to do is open up the audience's eyes to the world of possibility and think about how one can harness technology and take the skills that they use today to make an impact on a societal and systemic level and have significant impact at scale.

Who would you say is the persona and level of the target audience for your talk?

The people who will benefit from it or who I'd love to benefit from it are senior engineering talent, leadership and folks who are interested in affecting real change.

What is it that you would like these folks to walk away with after seeing your presentation?

I would love folks to fully grok that you can use the same principles, innovative strategies, and product development approaches that are used in your typical product development lifecycle to solve big hairy societal issues as well.


Lisa Gelobter

CEO and Founder @tEQuitable

Lisa Gelobter is the CEO and Founder of tEQuitable. Using technology to make workplaces more equitable, tEQuitable provides a confidential platform to address bias, discrimination, and harassment.

Lisa has worked on products that have been used by billions of people and pioneered several Internet technologies, including Shockwave, Hulu, and the ascent of online video. 

Previously, at the Obama White House, Lisa was the Chief Digital Service Officer for the Department of Education, and prior to that she served as the Chief Digital Officer for BET Networks at Viacom.

Lisa has been named one of Inc.'s 100 Women Building America's Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses, Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and serves on boards for: the Obama Foundation, Times Up, and The Education Trust.

Lisa is one of the first 40 Black women ever to have raised over $1mm in VC funding.
She is also proud to be a Black woman with a Computer Science degree. Go STEM!

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Monday Dec 5 / 08:00AM PST ( 50 minutes )