Speaker: Amy Tobey

She / her / hers

Senior Principal Engineer and SRE Practice Leader @Equinix

Amy Tobey has worked in tech for more than 20 years at companies of every size, working with everything from kernel code to user interfaces. These days she is senior principal engineer leading Applied Resilience Engineering at Equinix. When she's not working, she can be found with her nose in a book, watching anime with her son, making noise with electronics, or doing yoga in the sun.

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The Endgame of SRE

The containers are deployed and the builds are green. Yaml flows through the system, linted, reviewed, tested, and shipped with ease and regularity. Our intrepid SRE finds themself at a crossroads. The infrastructure is great but teams still struggle to maintain error budgets.

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Tuesday Dec 6 / 11:20AM PST ( 50 minutes )


SRE Reliability Containers YAML DevOps