Amazon DynamoDB: Evolution of a Hyper-Scale Cloud Database Service

Amazon DynamoDB is a cloud database service that provides consistent performance at any scale. Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on DynamoDB for its fundamental properties: consistent performance, availability, durability, and a fully managed serverless experience. In 2022, during the Amazon Prime Day shopping event, Amazon systems -- including Alexa, the sites, and Amazon fulfillment centers -- made trillions of API calls to DynamoDB, peaking at 105.2 million requests per second, while experiencing high availability with single-digit millisecond performance. Reliability is essential, as even the slightest disruption can significantly impact customers. 

Since the launch of DynamoDB in 2012, its design and implementation have evolved in response to our experiences operating it. The system has successfully dealt with issues related to fairness, traffic imbalance across partitions, monitoring, and automated system operations without impacting availability or performance. This talk presents our experience operating DynamoDB at massive scale and how the architecture continues to evolve to meet the ever-increasing demands of customer workloads.



Akshat Vig

Principal Engineer NoSQL databases @awscloud

Akshat Vig is a Principal Engineer at AWS. Akshat has been working on DynamoDB since its inception. He is one of the primary authors on the DynamoDB paper published at USENIX. DynamoDB is one of the largest and most mission critical distributed systems in the world, and underpins much of AWS, Amazon, and the internet ecosystem today. As a Principal engineer, Akshat solves some of the most difficult distributed systems problems at Amazon across multiple services. He has filed close to 100 patents, served on IEEE program committees, and has given keynotes around the world. He is excited to solve the next big challenge in distributed systems. 

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Wednesday Nov 30 / 09:20AM PST ( 50 minutes )


Architecture Cloud Database Service Serverless Performance Availability Durability Traffic Imbalance Monitoring Automated System Operations


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