Track Host: Todd Montgomery

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Ex-NASA Researcher and High Performance Distributed Systems Whisperer

Todd Montgomery is a networking hacker who has researched, designed, and built numerous protocols, messaging-oriented middleware systems, and real-time data systems, done research for NASA, contributed to the IETF and IEEE, and co-founded two startups. He currently works as an Engineering Fellow at Adaptive Financial Consulting and is active in several open source projects, including Agrona, Aeron, ReactiveSocket, and the FIX Simple Binary Encoding (SBE).

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Building Modern Backends

Polyglot, developer-focused track around Innovations building low-friction, performant backends powering software today.


Thursday Dec 1 / 09:00AM PST



24/7 State Replication

Systems that operate non-stop, 24/7 are standard in many consumer-facing industries. Often, but definitely not always, these systems do not have aggressive SLAs nor high availability needs to the degree that some financial systems demand. But that is changing.

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Thursday Dec 1 / 10:10AM PST ( 50 minutes )


Backends Systems Financial Systems Designing Systems Replicated State Machines SLAs Computer Science