The Future of Work: How Flexibility Unlocks Potential for People and Organizations

The last two years created a massive discontinuity in how we work, and now the debate rages: are we going back to the way things were, or investing to move forward? For many, the era of toiling nine-to-five, five-days-a-week in the office is being replaced by a better way — flexible work. But achieving true flexibility -- not only in where but critically when people work -- requires overcoming decades of habits and conventional wisdom built up around “the right way to work” based on 9-to-5 days full of meetings in office buildings. It requires redesigning how work gets done: new ways of working, new skills, and new strengths. The “battle for talent” is facing off against economic headwinds – what’s going to enable your organization not just just survive, but thrive and win in the new era of flexible work? We'll use research and case studies to describe how leaders across industries can redesign work to build better outcomes for people and organizations.


Brian Elliott

Executive Leader, Future Forum & SVP @Slack | Author, How the Future Works

Brian Elliott is the Executive Leader of the Future Forum, a consortium launched by Slack to enable leaders to redesign work to be better for people and organisations.

Future Forum is dedicated to helping companies transform in a digital-first world by building a way of working that is flexible, inclusive and connected. It is focused on delivering original research, case studies and position papers, and on convening executives and experts to share insights and debate solutions. Future Forum was founded by Slack and is supported by partners such as Boston Consulting Group, MillerKnoll and Management Leadership for Tomorrow.

Previously, Brian was the Vice President and General Manager of Platform at Slack, where he oversaw platform strategy and execution. Slack’s platform integrates with over 2,500 enterprise tools from leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Workday, and supports over one million active developers building solutions for their own teams.

Before Slack, Brian was General Manager of Google Express, Google’s full-stack commerce platform. Prior to Google, Brian was CEO at software and e-commerce start-ups. Before that, Brian was a Principal with The Boston Consulting Group.

Brian received a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Northwestern University, Illinois, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His work has been published and cited in Harvard Business ReviewFortunethe Economist and The New York Times.

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Tuesday Dec 6 / 12:30PM PST ( 50 minutes )


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