Spring Cloud 2020 on Kubernetes

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The Spring Cloud family of projects has been evolving continuously since 2015 and it has excellent support for Kubernetes. However, given the pace of change in the Kubernetes and Spring ecosystem online searches frequently return out-of-date results and approaches that should no longer be used.

This workshop is designed to provide you with up-to-date recommendations on how to use the Spring Cloud 2020 release on top of Kubernetes. An implementation of each recommendation is available via a GitHub repo, that you will run during the session.

Topics covered include:

  • Various ways of dealing with application configuration
  • Service discovery with Spring Cloud on Kubernetes
  • Load balancing service-to-service calls
  • Circuit breaking service-to-service calls
  • Spring Cloud Gateway on Kubernetes

If you are looking for an introduction to the best practices for running Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes please consider attending the “Effective Spring on Kubernetes” workshop where we cover the non-spring cloud aspects of running spring on Kubernetes. This workshop assumes you are familiar with Spring Boot and Kubernetes.


Adib Saikali

Principal Platform Architect @VMware Tanzu
Adib is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship from assembly to JavaScript from pitching venture capitalists to advising senior IT executives at Fortune 500. Adib is currently a Principal Platform Architect at VMware. Read more Find Adib Saikali at:

Thursday Jun 24 / 09:00AM EDT (3 hours)


Level Intermediate

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Basic knowledge of Spring Boot 
Basic knowledge of Kubernetes
Docker & docker compose
Minikube or k8s built into docker desktop
Favourite Java IDE
Java 11 JDK

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