Service Mesh Kick-Starter With Istio

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Key Takeaways

1Knowledge and experience that will let you decide whether a Service Mesh, and Istio in particular, is right for your environment

2Confidence deploying Istio

3Hands-on experience with Istio's key features, which you can explore further and demo to others

4An understanding of how a Service Mesh works with your Microservices, and how to configure both to compliment each other

Service Meshes are fast becoming ubiquitous in cloud-native infrastructure, and even beyond. To the platform engineer, they provide a more advanced and configurable network, with built-in security. To the software engineer, they offer features for service discovery, resiliency, and observability. But Service Meshes can be daunting; difficult to understand and hard to use.  

This practical workshop will kick-start your Service Mesh journey. We’ll get hands-on with Istio, the ubiquitous Service Mesh, and by far the most powerful and flexible. You'll learn how to install it into Kubernetes, then we'll use some microservices to explore its features, like timeouts and retires. We’ll also look at the powerful observability features, automatic service-to-service mutual TLS, and more!  

In between the exercises I’ll present some theory about how Service Meshes work, so you have the full picture of what’s going on under the hood. Armed with this knowledge and your practical experience from the day, you'll be well-equipped to continue your Service Mesh journey.

The workshop time includes 1 hour of break time.


Matt Turner

Head of Platform @ZigluMoney
Matt is Head of Platform at Ziglu, a UK-based FinTech startup building a revolutionary banking platform using cutting-edge cloud-native technology. Matt and his teams are responsible for the infrastructure and developer tooling underlying all of Ziglu’s services. Matt has been doing Dev,... Read more Find Matt Turner at:

Friday May 21 / 09:00AM EDT (7 hours)


Level Intermediate

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Participants should have a working knowledge of Kubernetes (as a user - no admin experience is needed). Participants should bring their own laptop, MacOS or Linux are strongly recommended - the software we'll use doesn't work well on Windows (and I can't support you). We'll be installing software so you'll need admin/root access - be aware that lots of corporate machines are locked-down so you don't have this.  

You should be comfortable in a terminal - you don't need to be an expert, but you'll need to be able to open it, edit text files, move files and folders around, that kind of thing.  

The instructions will step you through using Minikube, a small, local Kubernetes cluster - you can use another Kubernetes system if you want, but you'll need full access. Minikube plus everything we deploy to it will need quite a lot of RAM and CPU so a "fairly decent" laptop will have a much nicer time.

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