Rise Through Tension: How to Use Everyday Moments of Tension to Fuel Your Growth as a Leader

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Key Takeaways

1Feeling more empowered and resilient, with more choice and freedom in how you respond in those crucial moments.

2Armed with increased self-awareness of your own unique fingerprint for tension — so that you can recognize when you're in fight-flight-or-freeze and restore yourself back to a balanced state.

3Having a clear foundational model of emotional courage and resilience — with clarity and direction on how to systematically strengthen it like any other muscle.

4Having developed a clearer understanding of what blocks you from the necessary but hard conversations you need to succeed in their role — as well as how to move through those blockages.

5Equipped with a simple but powerful 3-step framework for navigating tense moments — so that you can consciously choose your behavior rather than unconsciously react.

6Learned and practiced a toolkit of somatic and neurolinguistic tools for restoring calm and tapping into more resourceful states.

7Understood what you leadership growth edges are and where you need to continue looking to expand their capacity for tension.

When we’re willing to feel everything, we can do anything. Learn powerful tools and frameworks to rise through crucial, tense moments.


Tension is uncomfortable, but it's actually a powerful tool indicating that there's something important to us at stake. How we handle tense moments therefore has a disproportionate impact on our work and on our lives.

Anytime that we feel tension, we’ve hit the edge of our comfort. In those moments, we have a choice. We can allow the discomfort of fear or anger or sadness to limit how we behave. Or we can choose to use those crucial moments as launching points to grow our capacity to respond as leaders.

Because here’s the key thing about the tension in those moments: When we’re willing and able to feel everything, we can do anything.

If we can face anything and trust that "I got this!", we build a grounded confidence and power that no one can take away.

We can give the hard but necessary feedback that completely changes a team’s trajectory. We can work through conflict and turn it into a solid foundation for trust and understanding. We can turn around an underperforming team and create the alignment we need to succeed.


This 3-hour online workshop is highly experiential and pragmatic. We’ll equip you with powerful tools and frameworks from embodied leadership, somatic coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming. You’ll leave feeling more empowered and resilient, with more choice and freedom in how you respond in those crucial moments.

We teach participants a simple but powerful framework and practice it on real-life scenarios, so that in moments of tension, we can:

  • Notice when we’ve entered a low-resourced state of tension.
  • Face the uncomfortable emotion behind the tension.
  • Consciously choose a different action from a more resourceful state.


Katrina Uychaco

Leadership Coach and Senior Engineering Manager @GitHub
Katrina is a senior engineering manager at GitHub, where she works on the Education team which helps students, teachers and schools access the best real-world tools, learning events, and training to shape the next generation of software development.  She applies her passion for education and... Read more Find Katrina Uychaco at:


Edmond Lau

Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of Co Leadership
Edmond authored The Effective Engineer and co-founded Co Leadership to provide the most effective leadership training for engineers. His mission is to show people the dreams that are possible in all areas of our lives — if only we so choose to create them.  He used to apply his... Read more

Friday May 28 / 01:00PM EDT (3 hours)


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