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A Data Mesh Is Born

Wednesday Nov 30 / 09:20AM PST

What is it like to build a real Data Mesh from the ground up? How can you do it by supporting multiple technologies but providing real value at the same time?

Lorenzo Pirazzini

Big Data Engineer @Agile Lab


Going Cloud Native with Serverless Data

Tuesday Dec 6 / 12:30PM PST

Curious about serverless functions?  Wondering how they can help with cloud app development?

Pieter Humphrey

Developer Product Manager @DataStax

Artem Chebotko

Developer Advocate @DataStax


From a JVM monolith to lambdas: THINK SMALL, deliver more with less

Wednesday Nov 30 / 10:30AM PST

What is it like to rebuild an engine while a plane is still in flight? It might be a bit like transitioning a successful enterprise product from monolithic architecture to AWS Lambda. At least, we think so.

Adam Murray

VP of Engineering @Prismic


Mature Platform Engineering: What we learned after 6 years, 10M+ Deploys, 25K running microservices and 13K developers

Monday Dec 5 / 09:00AM PST

Efficient and focused product development teams is a hot topic in the era of massive constraints. We will discuss how our mature platform engineering approach is a key factor to our efficiency and productivity and how it helped us grow our business and team in a sustainable way. 

Oscar Mullin

Sr. Tech Director and Head of Core Platform Services, Databases, Operational Excellence, and SRE @Mercado Libre


Wednesday Nov 30 / 09:00AM PST



QCon Plus 2022
Nov 30 - Dec 8, 2022