From a JVM monolith to lambdas: THINK SMALL, deliver more with less

What is it like to rebuild an engine while a plane is still in flight?

It might be a bit like transitioning a successful enterprise product from monolithic architecture to AWS Lambda. At least, we think so.

In this talk, we’ll examine what it’s been like for a growing team to make architectural and technical decisions under highly constrained conditions.

On our journey to transition to AWS Lambda, we’ve discovered an unpredictable mixture of successes and trade-offs, which we’ll carry into the future as we scale a next-generation platform in a rather surprising way: by delivering more with less.


Adam Murray

VP of Engineering @Prismic

As the VP of Engineering with Prismic, Adam is responsible for cultivating and leading a team of engineers in solving challenging problems.
His main goal is to translate decades of experience (which includes building a successfully acquired start-up) into a culture that’s distinctly centered on growth.
Growth through the challenges of adopting next-generation technologies that coalesce into high-quality, well-designed solutions. And, more importantly, growth for the engineers he hopes to support in the same way his mentors supported him over the years. Through curiosity and collaboration, he’s building a team where engineers can love the way they work while doing the work they love.

What else is interesting about Adam? He’s Canadian, passionate about design, and might just open a kayak tour business when he one day “hangs up his skates."

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Wednesday Nov 30 / 10:30AM PST ( 50 minutes )


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