Practical Security

Modern application development velocity has drastically changed how organizations approach securing their software products. In many environments, gone are the days of reviewing every code change, or putting up stringent release gates. This track focuses on how we are meeting the challenge of enabling business velocity while also achieving security. 

Join us to talk about real and innovative strategies for scaling security in large, fast-moving environments. We’ll discuss scalable and practical approaches to: securing authentication & authorization architectures, cloud security, scaling privacy, and how this changing approach impacts the distribution of responsibility and the cost of security.

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Session Security

A Big Dashboard of Problems

Monday Dec 5 / 09:00AM PST

We have all heard "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" in medicine, but the security industry isn't so sure. This talk explores the forefront of simple and effective preventative strategies.

Speaker image - Travis McPeak
Travis McPeak

Founder and CEO @ResourcelyInc

Session Security

Scaling Defenses Amidst Evolving Threat Landscape

Monday Dec 5 / 10:10AM PST

Security services that defend against malicious or fraudulent traffic operate in an unpredictable and constantly evolving threat landscape. The dynamic nature of attack traffic means that as attacks evolve, our defenses must evolve too.

Speaker image - Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta

Staff Security Software Engineer @Netflix

Session Security

Vulnerability Inbox Zero

Monday Dec 5 / 11:20AM PST

You have a vulnerability problem. You run a scanner. Now you have two problems - vulnerabilities and a mess of scanner results to process.

Speaker image - Alex Smolen
Alex Smolen

Director of Security @LaunchDarkly

Session Security

Privacy-First Re-Architecture

Monday Dec 5 / 12:30PM PST

The tech industry grew organically the last few decades. We built new innovations on top of old. We evolved systems and technologies to meet new challenges. Decisions of the past became assumptions of today.

Speaker image - Nimisha Asthagiri
Nimisha Asthagiri

Principal Consultant @Thoughtworks

Track Host

Julia Knecht

Manager, Security Platforms Engineering @Netflix

Julia Knecht leads Security Platforms Engineering at Netflix - her team takes an engineering-first approach to securing applications and services at scale and speed. Julia has spent most of her career specialized in product and application security, and is passionate about building teams and programs that enable the business via secure paved roads, strong environmental insights and excellent security-developer experience.

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