Speaker: Nimisha Asthagiri

She / her / hers

Principal Consultant @Thoughtworks

Nimisha Asthagiri is a Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to transform enterprises to modern digital businesses. Prior, she was Chief Architect and Senior Director of Engineering at edX, driving intentional architecture for the next generation of large-scale online learning. She is a long-term technologist who values innovations that result from the amplification of diverse voices and the synergism of collective strength. Her past accomplishments include leading the security of a peer-to-peer group communications platform at Groove Networks.


Privacy-First Re-Architecture

The tech industry grew organically the last few decades. We built new innovations on top of old. We evolved systems and technologies to meet new challenges. Decisions of the past became assumptions of today.

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Monday Dec 5 / 12:30PM PST ( 50 minutes )


Security Architecture Decentralized Data Privacy-First Design