Speaker: Lena Reinhard

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Founder, Coach, Consultant @Lena Reinhard Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Lena Reinhard has dedicated her career to building successful, high-performing globally distributed engineering organizations, and helping teams thrive in times of high change like hypergrowth. She now offers transformational leadership coaching and consulting for leaders. Previously, Lena served as VP Engineering with CircleCI and Travis CI, as well as a startup co-founder & CEO, and through her cross-functional background and experience, she brings a unique perspective on systems of technology, business, and people.

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Successful Leadership in Hybrid Environments: Powerful Principles, Practical Steps, and Poignant Examples

Being a technical- or people leader in a hybrid work environment can be extra challenging: While on paper, it may look like hybrid work combines the “best of both [remote and co-located] worlds”, the reality often looks drastically different: 

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Tuesday Dec 6 / 09:00AM PST ( 50 minutes )


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