Generous, High Fidelity Communication Is the Key to a Safe, Effective Team

A team's ability to communicate effectively and disagree productively is directly related to its resilience towards incidents and interruptions. By taking the audience through a few common scenarios of communication breakdown on teams, we'll provide a framework to help teams talk to each other more effectively, with insights from human factors research, management literature, and the speaker's own background in competitive debating. At the end of this talk, you'll understand why you might be feeling unheard at the end of some conversations today, and you'll have some tools to better engage with your colleagues and facilitate better conversations among your team, along with some tips for asynchronous/remote environments.


Denise Yu

Engineering Manager and Rubyist

Denise is an engineering manager and Rubyist, most recently at GitHub, but currently on hiatus. At GitHub, she worked on the GitHub Sponsors program and other products within the Communities department, the mission of which is to make GitHub the best place for open source communities to thrive. She speaks and runs workshops frequently at conferences in North America and Europe on topics ranging from scaling organizational culture, to reliability engineering, to sketchnoting. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.


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