Accelerating APIs and Edge Computing

Most modern software applications rely on data exchange between user devices and backend servers. With performance, reliability and efficiency of those directly impacting business metrics, there is a lot at stake.

This track shares the latest techniques to optimize parts of client-server interactions beyond anyone’s direct control - the Internet. You will learn about ways to squeeze the most of the network links, bringing data closer to users or efficiently balancing client-server requests from the organizations operating at a global scale.

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Tuesday May 25 / 09:00AM EDT

TOPICS Edge Native ComputingArchitectureAPINetworkingTraffic Management


Sergey Fedorov

Director of Engineering @Netflix
Sergey is a hands-on engineering leader working for the Content Delivery team at Netflix. An early member of the team that built an Open Connect CDN delivering 13% of the world Internet traffic, he spent years building monitoring and data analysis systems for Netflix video streaming. As part of... Read more Find Sergey Fedorov at: