Beating the Speed of Light with Intelligent Request Routing

Network request latency is crucial for many Internet applications. For Netflix it matters even outside video streaming - lower latencies to our AWS cloud endpoints mean smoother browsing experience for hundreds of millions of members. The catch - Netflix service is used on hundreds of millions of devices all around the world, connecting to our data centers over the open Internet - an ever-changing global network with many possible paths, distributed ownership and lack of centralized control.

This talk is both about API acceleration technology and data-driven approach to building distributed systems at a global scale that are safe to deploy and easy to maintain. While this talk demonstrates Netflix’s journey, the main principles and techniques can easily be applied and practiced by every owner of Internet-based services. 

From this talk you’ll learn:

  • how to build the Internet latency map for your customers;
  • how to leverage the knowledge of network protocols and edge infrastructure to do the impossible - beat the speed of light; 
  • how to use a data-driven approach to evolve your client-server interactions;
  • how to do that with a small team, on a tight schedule and minimal risk to your users.


Sergey Fedorov

Director of Engineering @Netflix
Sergey is a hands-on engineering leader working for the Content Delivery team at Netflix. An early member of the team that built an Open Connect CDN delivering 13% of the world Internet traffic, he spent years building monitoring and data analysis systems for Netflix video streaming. As part of... Read more Find Sergey Fedorov at:

Tuesday May 25 / 10:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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