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Security Panel

Continuing the track trend around trust, the security panel discusses we can balance the adjustment of our security posture and our user experience. What is the right balance between security and usability? How do we build systems that scale, that gives the right amount of security and control to our users? Continue the conversation around customer trust with our security panelists.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 12:10PM PDT (40 minutes)


Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust


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Session Security

Authorization at Netflix Scale

Tuesday Nov 2 / 09:10AM PDT

How do you centralize authorization in the critical path of a multi-million RPS online service?  How does centralizing authorization enable product flexibility?   How do you make such a system fault-tolerant?  We will answer these questions and more in this session. At...

Travis Nelson

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Session Security

"Trust me, I'm an insider" - Diving into Zero Trust Security

Tuesday Nov 2 / 11:10AM PDT

In 2020, hackers got around by making about 4.2 Billion Dollars majorly from Phishing scams.The current scenario of Network Security highly depends on the assumption that if a client has a set of “good” credentials, they can be trusted with access to all or at least some confidential...

Sindhuja Rao

Network Security Engineer @Cisco

Deepank Dixit

Technical Consulting Engineer @Cisco

Session Security

Building Trust & Confidence with Security Chaos Engineering

Tuesday Nov 2 / 10:10AM PDT

Complex adaptive systems are dynamic, self-evolving, non-linear, emergent, and most of all unpredictable. Delivering secure and reliable software will continue to become exponentially more difficult unless we start approaching this new problem frontier differently.    Security Chaos...

Aaron Rinehart

CTO @Verica.io

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