Panel: Observability and Understandability

This panel will feature experienced practitioners who have worked in the engineering teams of Google, Facebook, Dropbox. & MongoDB. They are all now working at startups focused on helping engineers improve their ability to reduce downtime and customer-impacting failures. Hear from this panel on their unique approaches and preferred methods to get impactful results - incident management, distributed tracing, and chaos engineering - we'll cover these topics in detail.


Jason Yee

Director of Advocacy @Gremlin
Jason Yee is Director of Advocacy at Gremlin where he helps people build more resilient systems by learning from how they fail. He also leads the internal Chaos Engineering practices to make Gremlin more reliable. Previously, he worked at Datadog, O’Reilly Media, and MongoDB. His... Read more Find Jason Yee at:


John Egan

CEO and Co-Founder @Kintaba
John Egan is CEO and cofounder at Kintaba, the modern incident response and management product for teams.  Prior to Kintaba, John helped to lead enterprise products at Facebook. Read more Find John Egan at:


Ben Sigelman

CEO and co-founder @LightStepHQ, Co-creator @OpenTracing API standard
Ben Sigelman is a Cofounder & CEO at Lightstep, a company that makes complex microservice applications more transparent and reliable. He is an expert in distributed tracing and also co-founded the OpenTelemetry project. Read more Find Ben Sigelman at: