Observing and Understanding Failures: SRE Apprentices

In this session, Tammy will share how Padawans and Jedis can inspire and teach us how to help people of a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and experience levels to observe and understand failures in production. Tammy will share how she and a colleague created an SRE Apprentice program to hire and train new SREs who wanted a career change. Tammy will cover practical lessons learned, things she'd change and she'll also share how you can create and rollout a program for SRE Apprentices within your organization. Tammy will also share feedback from the SRE Apprentices themselves.  Is it difficult to observe and understand failures? Why is training from someone more experienced helpful? What are the hardest and easiest things to learn about observing and understanding failures as an SRE for 500 million+ users?


Tammy Bryant Butow

Principal Site Reliability Engineer @Gremlin
Tammy Butow is the principal SRE at Gremlin, where she works on Chaos Engineering, the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. Gremlin helps engineers build resilient systems using their control plane and API. Tammy previously led SRE teams at Dropbox... Read more Find Tammy Bryant Butow at:

Tuesday May 18 / 11:00AM EDT (40 minutes)

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