Data Pipelines & Data Mesh: Where We Are and How the Future Looks Like

In the panel, experts with different backgrounds will discuss the current challenges for building Modern Data Pipelines and applying Data Mesh in the real world. We will also discuss how the future looks like in terms of new techniques, architectures, and tools to make effective data-based projects.


Zhamak Dehghani

Director of Emerging Technologies @thoughtworks & Creator of the Data Mesh concept
Zhamak Dehghani works with ThoughtWorks as the director of emerging technologies in North America, with a focus on distributed systems and big data architecture, with a deep passion for decentralized technology solutions - the foundations for democratization: data mesh, decentralized trust and... Read more Find Zhamak Dehghani at:


Tareq Abedrabbo

Core Data Principal Engineer @CMCMarkets
Tareq Abedrabbo is a Core Data Principal Engineer at CMC Markets. His main interests are in designing and building data systems that can scale, technically and organisationally. During his career, Tareq worked with a variety of organizations, from startups to large enterprises, on complex... Read more Find Tareq Abedrabbo at:


Jacek Laskowski

IT freelancer, Java Champion & Author of "The Internals Of"
Jacek Laskowski is an IT freelancer specializing in Apache Spark, Delta Lake and Apache Kafka (with brief forays into a wider data engineering space, e.g. Dask, ksqlDB and Trino, mostly during Warsaw Data Engineering meetups). He is the author of "The Internals Of" online books series... Read more Find Jacek Laskowski at:

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