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Modern Data Pipelines and Data Mesh

As data-driven decision-making becomes not just ubiquitous but vital for businesses, new challenges arise to make data available in a sustainable way. The increasing need for quality data, available across multiple teams in a scalable platform, designed with privacy concerns in mind, requires new architectures and techniques.  

In this track, we will discuss emerging solutions for creating modern data pipelines that can solve common challenges in today’s world of data: data engineering bottlenecks, data pipelines deployment in production, data discover, and more. We will also dive into the concept and application of Data Mesh, a new paradigm do organize and distribute data in an organization.

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Data Mesh in the Real World: Lessons Learnt From the Financial Markets

Thursday May 27 / 06:10AM PDT

CMC Markets, a FTSE 250 financial services company, has been running a successful trading platform for more than 30 years and is now undertaking a broad and ambitious transformation to take advantage of new technologies and ways of working. One vital aspect of a successful transformation to a...

Tareq Abedrabbo

Core Data Principal Engineer @CMCMarkets

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Robust Foundation for Data Pipelines at Scale - Lessons From Netflix

Thursday May 27 / 07:10AM PDT

At Netflix, Data/ML pipelines are widely used and have become central for the business. A very wide scenario presents diverse use cases that go beyond recommendations, predictions and data transformations. As big data and ML gains presence and becomes more impactful, the scalability and stability...

Jun He

Sr. Software Engineer in the Big Data Orchestration Team @Netflix

Harrington Joseph

Sr. Software Engineer @Netflix Data Platform Orchestration Team

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Data Mesh: An Architectural Deep Dive

Thursday May 27 / 08:10AM PDT

Data Mesh is a paradigm shift in how we imagine and build big data management solutions, and most importantly is a shift in how we form our teams around these solutions and govern them. Data Mesh departs from half a century old assumptions on how we need to manage analytical data to be useful. It...

Zhamak Dehghani

Director of Emerging Technologies @thoughtworks & Creator of the Data Mesh concept

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Data Pipelines & Data Mesh: Where We Are and How the Future Looks Like

Thursday May 27 / 09:10AM PDT

In the panel, experts with different backgrounds will discuss the current challenges for building Modern Data Pipelines and applying Data Mesh in the real world. We will also discuss how the future looks like in terms of new techniques, architectures, and tools to make effective data-based projects.

Zhamak Dehghani

Director of Emerging Technologies @thoughtworks & Creator of the Data Mesh concept

Tareq Abedrabbo

Core Data Principal Engineer @CMCMarkets

Jacek Laskowski

IT freelancer, Java Champion & Author of "The Internals Of"


Thursday May 27 / 06:00AM PDT


Big Data


Track Host

Fabiane Nardon

Data Scientist, Java Champion & CTO @tail_oficia

Fabiane is a computer scientist with many years of experience in large information systems with huge amounts of data. She was chief architect of the Sao Paulo Healthcare Information System, considered the largest JavaEE application in the world and winner of the 2005 Duke's Choice Award. She...

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