Speaker: Marcel van Lohuizen

Creator of CUE

Marcel van Lohuizen is a PhD in computer science. He is the co-creator of GCL, was on the founding team of Borg, a long-time member of the Go team and creator of CUE.

Marcel van Lohuizen created the open source CUE project building on 20 years of experience in the natural language processing and cloud configuration space. At Google he was, among other things, a member of the founding Borg team (the inspiration for Kubernetes), where he created the core tooling as well as the Borg Configuration Language (BCL), and a long-time member of the Go team.


Taming Configuration Complexity Made Fun with CUE

Configuration has become the number one complexity problem to solve in infrastructure and beyond. Configuration is in more places than people imagine. Every part of your tech stack—databases, apps, schemas, services, workflows, policy, models, networking—must be configured.

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Tuesday Dec 6 / 09:00AM PST ( 50 minutes )


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