Speaker: Jim Barton

Field Engineer @Solo

Jim Barton is a Field Engineer for Solo.io whose enterprise software career spans 30 years. He has enjoyed roles as a project engineer, sales and consulting engineer, product development manager, and executive leader of tech startups. Prior to Solo, he spent a decade architecting, building and operating systems based on enterprise open-source technologies, at the likes of Red Hat, Amazon, and Zappos. After two years of COVID-driven, Zoom-encrusted isolation, Jim especially enjoys sharing with and learning from three-dimensional people at technical conferences around the world.


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Sidecars, eBPF and the Future of Service Mesh

Controversy over the future of service meshes and their architectures is swirling. This is a vital discussion as enterprise migration to microservice and Kubernetes-based architectures continue. This talk incorporates the latest community developments to explore what the future looks like.

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Friday Dec 2 / 12:30PM PST ( 50 minutes )


Application Programming Interface Modern APIs Sidecars eBPF Service Mesh Microservices Kubernetes DevOps