Speaker: Brian Douglas

Co-founder & CEO @saucedopen, previously led Developer Advocacy by showcasing newest features @Github

Brian Douglas is the founder and CEO of Open Sauced where he works on increasing the knowledge and insights of open-source communities. In the past he’s lead Developer Advocacy at GitHub by fostering a community of early adopters through content creation showcasing the newest Github features.

Brian has a passion for open-source and loves mentoring new contributors through Open Sauced, the platform that empowers the best developers to work in open-source.

Find Brian Douglas at:


Building Typesafe APIs with tRPC & TypeScript

When developing modern APIs, there a few options to choose from. REST is not a standard  but instead style. Trust is constantly broken between the API and client. gRPC and GraphQL provide standards but require complex tooling.

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Wednesday Nov 30 / 10:30AM PST ( 50 minutes )


Frontend Application Programming Interface TypeScript REST gRPC GraphQL Languages