Speaker: Brandon Byars

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North America Head of Technology @thoughtworks

Brandon Byars is a passionate technologist, consultant, author, speaker, and open source maintainer. As Head of Technology for Thoughtworks North America, Brandon is part of the group that puts together the Thoughtworks Technology Radar, a biannual, opinionated perspective on technology trends. As a consultant, he has helped lead digital transformation agendas across a range of industries, with a  focus on those technical enabling blocks and integration strategies that help promote autonomy and agility at scale. He is the creator of mountebank, a widely used service virtualization tool, and wrote a related book on testing microservices.

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API Evolution Without Versioning

Versioning is usually the first–and too often, the only–technique architects reach for when imagining a breaking change to an API’s interface. Based on my experience managing the evolution of a public API, I’ve recently cataloged several alternative techniques and their tradeoffs.

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Friday Dec 2 / 09:00AM PST ( 50 minutes )


Application Programming Interface Modern APIs Open-Source Patterns of Evolution Versioning DevOps Architecture