Speaker: Astrid Atkinson

She / her / hers

CEO and co-founder @CamusEnergy

Astrid is the CEO and co-founder of Camus Energy, a company dedicated to decarbonizing the grid using a software-centric approach and deep experience in distributed systems. She previously led software and systems teams at Google, where she was an early leader in the Site Reliability Engineering team, and went on to lead infrastructure teams in Cloud, Search, and Product Infrastructure. She was personally on-call for Google.com for five years, and is passionate about using her skills and privilege to combat climate change.

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Innovating for the Future You've Never Seen: Distributed Systems Architecture & the Grid

As climate action accelerates, the existing electrical grid plays a central role in decarbonizing our energy supply. We know that software can transform how we manage networks - now we need to take what we've learned, and apply it to managing the grid.

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Friday Dec 2 / 08:00AM PST ( 50 minutes )