The Secret to Finding Impactful Projects to Land a Staff-Plus Engineer Role

So, you want to be a Staff-Plus Engineer at your organization. Are you one of a hundred engineers vying for that big new shiny project to get you there?

Let me tell you a little secret: Listen to what your peers and managers are complaining about. Are they drowned in production issues on an old unreliable system that no one wants to touch? Are they stuck waiting for approvals from design committees? Are they struggling to make large-scale interactive applications work across data centers? Or is the business losing money on over-provisioned hardware in the cloud?

These tedious unattractive problems could be your biggest opportunities to solve hard technical issues while having a massive impact on your entire organization.

In this talk, we will use some real-world examples to unpack how to recognize such problems, broaden your scope, and embrace the soft skills needed to tackle them at scale to land a Staff-Plus Engineer role.


Akhilesh Gupta

Principal Software Engineer @LinkedIn

Akhilesh is the technical lead for LinkedIn's real-time delivery infrastructure and consumer facing platforms like Messaging, Search & Profile. He has been working on the revamp of LinkedIn’s offerings to ultra-reliable, real-time experiences. Before this, he was leading engineering for Ride Experience at Uber Technologies in San Francisco. He holds a Master's degree in CS from Stanford University.

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