The Cloud Operating Model

Whether cloud-native, hybrid, or considering a move, successfully running web-scale workloads on the cloud requires the application of well-tested operational strategies to maximize success. As with any large infrastructure footprint, you must balance the often competing demands of:

  • Security, Compliance, and Recoverability
  • Availability and Performance (QoS)
  • Developer Productivity / Rate of Innovation
  • Infrastructure Efficiency / Spend

If leveraged effectively cloud capabilities provide significant benefit vs. a compromise for a majority of the above categories. Although running large workloads on-prem vs a public cloud have similar underlying fundamentals, the cloud poses unique challenges which must be addressed. Come hear from web-scale cloud infrastructure practitioners on a variety of possible topics to help accelerate your own journey on the cloud and avoid key pitfalls along the way.

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Netflix Drive: Building a Cloud Native Filesystem for Media Assets

Wednesday Nov 3 / 08:00AM PDT

Netflix Studios produces hundreds to thousands of movies, shows, trailers, and other forms of media content each year which amount to hundreds of petabytes of storage and billions of media assets. These assets are created, edited, managed, encoded, and rendered by artists working on a multitude...

Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer Data Storage Platform team @Netflix


Optimizing Efficiency & Capacity Management at Web Scale on the Cloud

Wednesday Nov 3 / 09:00AM PDT

Managing capacity demands while maintaining efficiency for a web-scale workload running on a public cloud is a challenging task. In this talk, Molly will share insight on how Pinterest optimizes their use of the cloud, concurrently maintaining demands across key domains of security, availability,...

Molly Junck

Technical Program Manager InfraGov and Cloud Vendor Management @Pinterest


The Cloud Operating Model

Wednesday Nov 3 / 10:00AM PDT

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Cloud Operating Model Panel

Wednesday Nov 3 / 11:00AM PDT

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Sponsored Case Study

Bridgecrew Sponsored Webinar

Wednesday Nov 3 / 12:00PM PDT

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Wednesday Nov 3 / 08:00AM PDT


Cloud Computing


Track Host

Coburn Watson

Head of Infrastructure, Systems Reliability Engineering @Pinterest

Coburn is the Head of Infrastructure and Systems Reliability Engineering at Pinterest. Prior roles include leading Azure SRE – Americas at Microsoft and Director of Performance, Reliability, and Cloud Infrastructure at Netflix. His primary focus has been on web-scale system...

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