Ted Young

Director of Developer Education @Lightstep

Ted Young is a co-founder of the OpenTelemetry project, and currently works as Director of Developer Education at Lightstep. He lives on a tiny farm in Portland, Oregon.

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Deployment strategies for OpenTelemetry

In this practical talk, we will explore an important paradigm shift in how we practice observability, through the lens of progressively deploying OpenTelemetry across a large organization. Learn how modern observability, which combines the traditional “three pillars” into a single braid of data, will eliminate painful and burdensome aspects of root-causing problems in the systems that we operate. At the same time, learn how to escape vendor lock-in while also managing the complex hodgepodge of observability tools which often builds up around large legacy systems.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 01:10PM PDT (45 minutes)

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