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Founder and CEO @jeli_io Nora is a dedicated and driven technology leader and software engineer with a passion for people and reliable software, as well as the intersection between those two worlds. She truly believes that safety is pivotal with software development nowadays. She co-wrote two O’Reilly books on Chaos Engineering, and how a product’s availability can be improved through intentional failure experimentation.

She also shared her experiences helping organizations large and small reach crucial availability and in November of 2017 keynoted at AWS re:Invent to share these experiences with an audience of ~40,000 people, helping kick off the Chaos Engineering movement we see today. Since then she has keynoted at several other conferences throughout the world highlighting her work on topics such as: Resilience Engineering, Chaos Engineering, Human Factors, Site Reliability, and more from her work at Netflix, Slack, and

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Incident Analysis: Your Organization's Secret Weapon

Learn how you can move faster and focus on the things that matter by using incident analysis as your secret weapon. Operating at speed and at scale tests the capabilities of even the most experienced engineering teams. In this software world, it is inevitable that things will break. When they do, what do you do? Pick up the pieces and carry on? What if that’s not enough? Learning from incidents has taught us that broken things can lead to powerful opportunities, but only when we’re looking at them through the right lens.

Successful organizations don’t just react to incidents—they use them to learn how to be proactive. To build a stronger system, safeguarded from making the same mistakes again. Extensive research has mapped out Incident Analysis as a strategy to help teams learn, adapt, and prioritize by focusing on what matters. More focused efforts help us move faster. And farther. Which is why incident analysis could be your organization’s secret weapon. It could change the game, and keep you on top of yours. So, are you ready to turn your “failures” into success? Come listen to this talk.


Thursday May 27 / 09:10AM EDT (40 minutes)

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