Matt Oliver

(He / him / his)

Senior Engineering Manager at Major League Baseball

Matt Oliver is the Senior Engineering Manager for Major League Baseball’s Web Architecture team; responsible for implementing and monitoring’s web footprint.

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Federated GraphQL to Solve Service Sprawl at Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball serves billions of page views per year. Those page views take coordinating many internal and external services that traditionally have been disparate and opaque to the deveopers maintaining the web layer. In order to increase reliability, maintainability and scalability of our web properties, Major League Baseball has begun to implement a Federated GraphQL architecture to solve the issue of service discovery, sprawl and ultimately getting the data we need from these mountain of services. Created by Facebook and extended by Apollo, GraphQL has become the defacto proxy API middle layer that provides statically typed models and flexible query semantics to access internal or external services.


Monday Nov 1 / 11:10AM PDT (40 minutes)


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