Chris Seaton

Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) @Shopify

Chris is a Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) at Shopify, where he works on the Ruby programming Language, and a Visitor at the University of Manchester.  

He was formerly a Research Manager at the Oracle Labs Virtual Machine Research Group, where he led the TruffleRuby implementation of Ruby, and worked on other language and virtual machine projects. Before this he completed a PhD at Manchester where he researched programming languages and irregular parallelism, and an MEng at the University of Bristol on languages with mutable syntax and semantics.

In his spare time, he’s Squadron Leader of the Cheshire Yeomanry squadron of the Queen’s Own Yeomanry, Cheshire’s historic reserve light cavalry squadron.

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Understanding JIT Optimisations By Decompilation

How does the JIT compiler transform your code as it optimises it? We can try to understand what the compiler has done by looking at JIT logs, compiler data structures, and directly at the machine code, but these are all advanced options needing expert-level knowledge of compilers. How can we make it easier for everyone else? We'll show how at Shopify we have developed a pseudo-code decompiler for optimised Java code, and how it helps us understand how the Java JIT compiler is working and how we need to improve our code.


Monday Nov 1 / 11:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


Modern JVM Innovations

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