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Quarkus Magic: Code Manipulation with Quarkus Extensions

Quarkus is a Java framework that can not only compile an application to an executable JAR, but also to a native image using GraalVM. These native images do not require a JVM at runtime, and are well suited for putting them into a minimal Docker image to be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.

Under the hood, not all Java features are supported 1-to-1 on the native image. Quarkus makes it look like developers can use well-known Java libraries without any modifications, but internally Quarkus implements an extension framework to modify code at compile time to make libraries compatible with the native image.

In this talk we present how to write your own Quarkus extension and what you can do with these extensions. Use cases range from making libraries compatible, to optimizing runtime performance, to injecting new functionality.


Fabian Stäber

Senior Engineering Manager @Instana
Dr. Fabian Stäber is engineering manager and monitoring enthusiast at Instana. At Instana, he wrote the initial prototype of an Instana tracing extension for instrumenting Quarkus applications with distributed traces (this is now superseded by Quarkus' OpenTelemetry extension). In his free... Read more Find Fabian Stäber at:

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform, powered by automated APM, performs real-time discovery, mapping and monitoring of the full application stack, while correlating all metrics, traces, profiles and events for automatic root cause analysis.


Tuesday May 18 / 02:00PM EDT (45 minutes)

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