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Present and Future of the Microservice Architecture

When thinking about a microservice architecture there is so much to consider! The topic is broad, and sometimes the expertise needed to understand parts of it are deep. This can make them a pretty daunting subject. Lucking, QCon is at hand!

In the final slot of the microservices track, we'll be bringing together Microservice experts to help give into the complexity. Hosted by Chris Richardson, our panelists include Glenn Engstrand, Hold Cummins, and Dave Farley. The four will be reflecting on topics raised throughout the day in the Microservices track. You won't want to miss it.


Glenn Engstrand

Software Architect @rally_health

Glenn Engstrand is a software architect in the part of Optum Digital that was Rally Health. Glenn's focus is working with engineers in order to deliver scalable, server side, 12 factor compliant application architectures. Glenn was a breakout speaker at Adobe's internal Advertising Cloud...

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Holly Cummins

Senior Technical Staff Member @IBM Garage

Holly Cummins is the worldwide development practice lead for the IBM Garage. As part of the Garage, Holly delivers technology-enabled innovation to clients across a range of industries, from banking to catering to retail to NGOs. She has led projects to count fish, help a blind athlete run...

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Dave Farley

Developer, Speaker, Consultant, Author of 'Continuous Delivery'

Dave Farley is a regular conference speaker, an independent software developer and consultant, creator of the CD YouTube channel and founder of Continuous Delivery Ltd. Dave is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book ‘Continuous Delivery’, and has a new book on “Modern Software...

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Tuesday Nov 2 / 03:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns: Lessons From the Trenches


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Session Microservices

7 Ways To Fail at Microservices

Tuesday Nov 2 / 12:10PM EDT

We all know the promise of microservices - organizational, agility, decoupling, pizza lunches, autonomy, fewer meetings. Some organizations actually achieve this. Others … don’t.It turns out dividing an application up across multiple containers isn’t enough. Distributed is not...

Holly Cummins

Senior Technical Staff Member @IBM Garage

Session Technical Debt

Managing Tech Debt in a Microservice Architecture

Tuesday Nov 2 / 02:10PM EDT

Every software company has to deal with tech debt, which slows down development. Ironically, it's usually difficult to get the support of the product managers who have a long list of high-profile features with tight deadlines to invest in paying down tech debt. What’s more, the problems...

Glenn Engstrand

Software Architect @rally_health

Session Microservices

Airbnb at Scale

Tuesday Nov 2 / 01:10PM EDT

In 2018, Airbnb embarked on a high-stakes journey to transform our technology architecture from a monolithic Ruby app to a more scalable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Three years on, we are in a good place to look back at what we have accomplished and reflect on where we are. In this talk,...

Selina Liu

Senior Software Engineer @Airbnb

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