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Fast & Fresh: Why Modern Applications Need New Analytics Architecture

Rachel Pedreshi (Imply VP of Community) explains why you need to have an analytics architecture if you're a company amid a digital transformation journey & how to build it.


Rachel Pedreschi

Vice President, Community @Imply

A “Big Data Geek-ette,” No stranger to the world of high-performance databases and data warehouses, Rachel has more than 20 years of business intelligence and data engineering experience, and is a Cassandra, Vertica, Informix and Redbrick certified DBA on top of her work with Druid....

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Imply is a real-time analytics platform providing consistent sub-second ad hoc query response at high concurrency. It's used to analyze clickstreams, application, network and service performance, security/fraud data, IoT & more. Imply provides 10X better price/performance than competing solutions.


Thursday May 27 / 10:10AM PDT (45 minutes)

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