Tudor Girba

(He / him / his)

Software Environmentalist & co-founder of feenk.com

Tudor Gîrba is a software environmentalist and CEO of feenk.com where he works with an amazing team to make the inside of systems explainable. Much of the work is embodied in Glamorous Toolkit (gtoolkit.com), a novel environment that enables Moldable Development.

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Moldable Development by Example

Moldable Development is a way of programming through which we construct custom tools for every development problem. Yes, literally for every problem. We show how this works through concrete examples like reasoning about architecture or browsing an external API. In all these cases we rely on the same tools and techniques that lead to a dedicated integrated experience that changes how we reason and make decisions about our systems.


Tuesday Nov 9 / 11:10AM EST (40 minutes)


Crafting the Developer Experience


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