Kevin Wang

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Lead of Cloud Native Open Source Team @Huawei

Kevin Wang is a contributor in the CNCF community since its beginning, leader of the cloud-native open source team at Huawei, and co-founder of the CNCF KubeEdge, Volcano, Karmada projects. Kevin has contributed to Kubernetes upstream for years and now spends 100% of his work and focus on wider open source cloud-native community development.

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Building Modern Transportation System with KubeEdge, How We Made It

Transportation is one of the most important industries of edge computing, building a highly distributed, edge-cloud collaborative platform to leverage new applications and services for modern transportation has been a hot topic these years.

To deal with massive edge apps & nodes deployment, enabling edge autonomy, and to simplify heterogeneous devices management, KubeEdge was introduced as a key part to the whole system.

In this talk Kevin and Huan will introduce:

  1. Benefits and challenges of adopting cloud-native technologies in the transportation industry.
  2. Edge - cloud collaborative architecture with KubeEdge inside: trade-off between scalability, extensibility, and complexity.
  3. Real-world use cases:
    • Managing 100,000 edge nodes on China's Highway with KubeEdge: most challenging barriers and how they were resolved.
    • How KubeEdge simplified Vehicle-Cloud collaboration, helping software-defined cars to achieve rapid software upgradation & iteration.


Monday Nov 8 / 11:10AM EST (40 minutes)


Living on the Edge


Edge ComputingKubernetesDevopsCloud NativeCloud ComputingInfrastructureSoftware Defined Network (SDN)

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