Erin Schnabel

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Senior Principal Software Engineer @Redhat

Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks) is a Senior Principal Software Engineer and maker of things at Red Hat. She is a Java Champion, with over 20 years under her belt as a developer, technical leader, architect and advocate, and she strongly prefers being up to her elbows in code. Erin learns (and teaches) by coding ridiculous things, like "Monster Combat", an application that makes monsters fight each other to explore application metrics; “Game On!”, a text adventure game for microservices; and a reactive workshop that munges "The Jabberwocky" to gain an understanding of reactive operators.

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The Mechanics of Metrics: Aggregation across Dimensions

The most efficient way to observe application behavior relies on metrics, key/value pairs of numerical data. Capturing and processing metrics can help you identify and respond to potential issues before they escalate and cause more serious problems. But what should you measure? What do those measurements really mean? Attendees will leave the talk with an understanding of how application metrics align with other observability and monitoring methods, from profiling to tracing. We'll also look at the limits of aggregation when working with dimensional metrics, and why your pretty dashboards might be lying to you.


Monday Nov 8 / 01:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Performance First Design



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