Speaker: Brian Leroux

Co-founder & CTO @Begin, created and maintains OpenJS Architect, maintains Enhance.dev

Brian is the co-founder of Begin.com, the best way to build Functional Web Apps (FWAs). He is the creator and maintainer of OpenJS Architect, an open-source framework for generating and deploying AWS standard SAM/CloudFormation and coined the term FWA. Also a maintainer of the recently shipped Enhance.dev which is the first HTML framework. You can catch him @brianleroux on Twitter where he talks about open source, JavaScript, serverless, FWA, and other web developer stuff.

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Enhance: SSR for Web Components

Building web apps is often characterized as painful, complex, and time consuming. There are many tools, libraries, frontend frameworks, and opinions about how to fix that problem… but they come with a catch. The frontend ecosystem is fractured into incompatible niches.

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Wednesday Nov 30 / 12:50PM PST ( 50 minutes )


Frontend SSR Web Components Webb Apps Compatibility CSS JavaScript Enhance