Overcomplicated Architecture: To Microservices and Back

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Cassandra Shum

Head of Architecture and Development, EMPC NA | Member of Tech Advisory Boards @ThoughtWorks

Based in New York, Cassie is a Technical Director in North America for partnerships and cloud solutions. As a software engineer and architect, she has spent that last 9+ years at ThoughtWorks focusing on architectures including event-driven systems and microservices, a wide range of technologies with an emphasis on mobile and software delivery excellence.

Cassie has also been involved in growing not only organizations in the delivery practices and technical strategy but also the next generation of technologists. Some of her passions include advocating for women in technology and public speaking. She is also involved in promoting more female speakers in technology.

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When talking about Observability in 2022 there is no way around eBPF. However, eBPF is often seen as magic dust that can be sprinkled into infrastructure and magically do anything, when the reality is much more complicated.

Frederic Branczyk

CEO & Founder @PolarSignalsIO


Day 2 Microservices

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