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Azure Cosmos DB: Low Latency and High Availability at Planet Scale

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully-managed, multi-tenant, distributed, shared-nothing, horizontally scalable database that provides planet-scale capabilities and multi-model APIs for Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Gremlin, Tables, and the Core (SQL) APIs.

Mei-Chin Tsai

Partner Director of Software Eng Manager @Microsoft

Vinod Sridharan

Principal Software Engineering Architect @Microsoft


Honeycomb: How We Used Serverless to Speed Up Our Servers

Honeycomb is the state of the art in observability: customers send us lots of data and then compose complex, ad-hoc queries. Most are simple, some are not. Some are REALLY not; this load is both complex, spontaneous, and urgent.

Jessica Kerr

Principal Developer Evangelist @honeycombio


From Zero to A Hundred Billion: Building Scalable Real Time Event Processing At DoorDash

At DoorDash, real time events are an important data source to gain insight into our business but building a system capable of handling billions of real time events is challenging.

Allen Wang

Software Engineer @DoorDash