Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust

Trust is mutual. Our increased reliance on software means increased exposure to risk in many avenues of our lives. These risks are inherent in everything from privacy and governance of the data companies collect to security vulnerabilities in software and systems. How do we ensure the security and privacy of our users to establish customer trust? How do we maintain it?

We adjust our security posture based on the trust of our users in exchange for a better user experience; what is the right balance between security and usability? How do we build systems that scale, that gives the right amount of security and control to our users?

Join in conversations about customer trust, security, and privacy, and gain actionable insights on how to protect users and their data.


Monday Nov 1 / 06:00AM PDT


Track Host

Anna Westelius

Director, Security Services Engineering @Netflix

Anna Westelius is a former Security Researcher, analyst and hacking enthusiast. Originally from a network security background, she spent a lot of her career focused on  combating distributed automation, botnets, and fraud, at scale. She is currently the director of Security Services...

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