A Practical Introduction to Terraform, on Multiple Clouds

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Key Takeaways

1Knowledge and experience that will let you decide whether Terraform is the right tool for your environment

2Confidence installing and configuring Terraform

3Hands-on experience with Terraform's key features, which you can explore further and demo to others

4An understanding of how Terraform interacts with related tools like Ansible, and how to use them together

Every year we build ever more, and ever more complicated, infrastructure in "the cloud". A modern devops team has to manage more and more systems, from IaaS providers like AWS, to SaaS like Cloudflare, GitHub, and more.

Automation is the key to getting this sprawling empire under control. Some of these platforms have their own proprietary config systems, like CloudFormation, but only Terraform offers cloud-agnostic control across a wide range of providers. We’ll see how ad-hoc, point-and-click deployments can be replaced by declarative files in source-control.

This workshop will get you hands-on with Terraform. After we've installed and configured it, we'll use it to manipulate multiple providers - traditional VMs and networks in an IaaS, but also related configuration in a couple of SaaS solutions. We'll see all the main features, including making cloud resources, reading cloud provider data, provisioning VMs, and modelling dependencies between deployments.

In between the practical exercises I’ll present some theory about how Terraform works, and patterns for getting the best out of it. Armed with this knowledge and your practical experience from the day, you'll be well-equipped to continue your Terraform journey.


Matt Turner

Head of Platform @ZigluMoney
Matt is Head of Platform at Ziglu, a UK-based FinTech startup building a revolutionary banking platform using cutting-edge cloud-native technology. Matt and his teams are responsible for the infrastructure and developer tooling underlying all of Ziglu’s services. Matt has been doing Dev,... Read more Find Matt Turner at:

Friday May 28 / 12:30PM EDT (3 hours)


Level Beginner

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Participants should have a working knowledge of "the cloud" - you should be comfortable using the web console of something like AWS or GCP to make and view resources. You should be comfortable in a terminal - you don't need to be an expert, but you'll need to be able to open it, edit text files, move files and folders around, that kind of thing.  

Participants should bring their own laptop, MacOS or Linux are strongly recommended - the software we'll use doesn't work well on Windows (and I can't support you). We'll be installing software so you'll need admin/root access - be aware that lots of corporate machines are locked-down so you don't have this.

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