Functional, Modern JavaScript

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Key Takeaways

1Working with Asynchronous JavaScript and Data

2Understanding Functional Paradigms Present in JavaScript

3Best Practices for Using JavaScript in the Browser and on the Server

In this course, we’ll take a closer look at the more advanced features of JavaScript that are necessary for working with the language today. We’ll start with a look at asynchronous JavaScript and how to manage data with promises and async/await. Then we’ll get into functional JavaScript and how it differs from object oriented JavaScript. Finally, we’ll put everything together with some hands-on code challenges to cement your knowledge.

If it’s been a while since you used JavaScript or had dedicated time to practice, this course will give you a chance to sharpen your skills.


Eve Porcello

Owner @moonhighway
Eve Porcello is the owner of Moon Highway, a curriculum development and training company based in Northern California. She is a frequent workshop instructor and speaker, creates video content for and LinkedIn Learning, and is the co-author of O’Reilly’s Learning GraphQL and... Read more

Friday May 21 / 12:30PM EDT (3 hours)


Level Beginner

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  • A Web Browser
  • A Basic Understanding of JavaScript
  • A Code Editor like VSCode, Sublime Text, etc.
  • Node.js Version 10+

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