Cloud-Native Java Made Easy with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE

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Key Takeaways

1Get a deep dive introduction to developing Cloud Native Java applications

2Opportunities to try out the concepts in a comprehensive set of well-organized bitesize lab modules, from creating RESTful web services, Reactive Messaging, to building, testing, and monitoring fault-tolerant Microservices

3Learn about the benefits of Open Source Java for the enterprise

Come and experience for yourself first-hand how you can build cloud-native solutions quickly and efficiently with open enterprise-grade cloud-native Java programming APIs optimized for microservices and cloud in MicroProfile and Jakarta EE.We will cover a range of topics in a hands-on manner:
  • Easily develop RESTful and reactive services
  • Automated true-to-production testing using containers
  • Application considerations for cloud deployments with containers
(Cloud-hosted environments will be provided for the hands-on components so no setup required!)Join us and let's go cloud native in warp speed with Java together!


Mary Grygleski

Developer Advocate @IBM
Mary is a Developer Advocate at IBM with the Websphere/Liberty team, focusing on Liberty, Microprofile, Enterprise Java, Open Source, Cloud/DevOps, Reactive, and Distributed Systems. She started working as a software engineer with C and Unix, then transitioned into Java, Open Source, and web... Read more


Jamie Coleman

Software Developer and Advocate for Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Kabanero @IBM
Jamie is a software developer and Advocate for Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Kabanero based at IBM’s R&D Laboratory in Hursley, UK. He is a subject matter expert in containerised solutions and takes a keen interest in emerging technologies with experience in Maven, git, Jenkins and... Read more


Yee-Kang Chang

Lead Developer Advocate & Developer Experience Architect for Open Liberty @IBM
Yee-Kang (YK) Chang is the Lead Developer Advocate for IBM's application platform and the developer experience architect for Open Liberty. He contributes to various open source projects like Eclipse Language Servers for MicroProfile & Jakarta EE and Open Liberty and is keen on how we can... Read more

Friday May 28 / 09:00AM EDT (3 hours)


Level Beginner

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Not needed as we will be utilizing the online Skills Network Lab for the hands-on part.

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