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Join us for the unconference sessions with Open Space technology. Unconference sessions are an exciting and interactive way of peer problem solving that quickly produces valuable insights for the participants.

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Adopting Microservices: Bring Your Challenges

Thursday May 27 / 06:10AM PDT

A decade ago, the term "microservices" was coined at a software architecture workshop. Since then, this architectural style was attracting a lot of interest in the tech industry leading to widespread adoption, but is still facing controversial discussions and pain points. Microservices...

Amr Elssamadisy

Founder at DevSquads


Real-world ML/AI: Bring Your Challenges

Thursday May 27 / 08:10AM PDT

Seeing a new research paper or news article about a new AI model on daily basis? Well, most teams don’t have a huge amount of them running in production in parallel. Join your peers to share stories and challenges from MLOps, Feature Stories, and running multiple models in...

Amr Elssamadisy

Founder at DevSquads


Thursday May 27 / 06:00AM PDT


Track Host

Amr Elssamadisy

Founder at DevSquads

Amr is a software development practitioner, seasoned teacher and coach who thrives on delighting his clients. By bringing together expertise in business-focused agile adoption, systems thinking, and the human dynamics of software development, Amr has been able to consistently help teams and...

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