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System Level Programming Languages

Systems programming languages include classic languages like C and C++ and brand new languages like Rust. This track will primarily focus on the Rust programming language and what it offers in terms of performance, reliability, and productivity. You will hear from real-life experts using Rust to power their critical applications and infrastructure in production.  

Come learn how Rust is different from C and C++ and how it empowers you to write memory-safe code through an outstanding developer experience built right into the Rust compiler. Rust also has plenty to offer developers coming from dynamic languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript as well. No matter what your experience with Rust, there will be plenty to learn in this track that will allow you to write safer code for your critical applications.

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Session Rust

The Rust Borrow Checker—A Deep Dive

Tuesday May 25 / 06:10AM PDT

The Rust compiler's borrow checker is critical for ensuring safe Rust code. Even more critical, however, is how the borrow checker provides useful, automated guidance on how to write safe code when the check fails. Early in your Rust journey it may feel like you are fighting the borrow...

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft

Session Rust

Systems Programmers Can Have Nice Things

Tuesday May 25 / 07:10AM PDT

Systems programming presents unique challenges that differ from other areas of software development. However, some of the largest challenges of systems programming aren't inherent to the domain, but rather stem from weak programming language abstractions and overly complex tooling.In this...

Ryan Levick

Principal Rust Developer Advocate @Microsoft

Session Rust

Reversible Debugging with RR

Tuesday May 25 / 08:10AM PDT

rr is a low-overhead (about 1.2x slowdown) trace-capturing debugger that you can use with your Rust program to investigate tricky bugs. This talk will describe the features of rr, review its overall design and available deployment targets, show some common usage patterns, and end with a...

Felix Klock

Principal Software Engineer @awscloud

Session Rust

System Level Programming Languages Panel

Tuesday May 25 / 09:10AM PDT

Come to this panel to hear the story of Oxide Computing - a company that builds its systems from the ground up with Rust. We will hear why they chose Rust, information about the operating system they are building on Rust, what they've learned about Rust along the way, and where they'd...

Bryan Cantrill

Co-Creator DTrace, Co-Founder Fishworks Sun Microsystems & Co-founder and CTO @oxidecomputer

Laura Abbott

Engineer @oxidecomputer

Cliff Biffle

Engineer @oxidecomputer


Tuesday May 25 / 06:00AM PDT




Track Host

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft

Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office. She is also a member of several Rust language teams and working groups, as well as the lead editor of This Week in Rust. Previously, she worked at Mozilla and Chef Software. In her spare...

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